I'm committed to helping usher in the next generation of dreamers and doers by speaking life into their ambitions. I'd be delighted to partner with your organization or academic institution to meet the needs of those you serve. Please use my contact page to coordinate partnerships.

I have experience with audiences of all ages. I tell my story as an artist, millennial, activist, student, employee and friend to illuminate the path for others who may one day pass this way. I can work within a larger theme or as a standalone guest. I have a flexible schedule to speak at:

  • Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums
  • College/High School student organization programs
  • Middle/Elementary School career days
  • Rallies, marches, protests, and community based events.

Hunter featured as the opening speaker for Emory University's Rally Against Racism in 2013.


I am available for interviews with press and media groups. I love to talk about art and culture, politics and society, love and its transformative effects on all of us.  In March 2016, I sat down with my illustrator, DJ Johnson, and 56th Frame to discuss A Magic Door, the creative platform behind, and the process of self-publishing. Check out the video!

Y’all, he has the best answers of any guest I’ve ever had on this show. Like, you’re so very well-spoken!
— Adrianna Cherelle
Watch author, HD HUNTER, stop by inARTainment to have some fun with Adrianna Cherelle. Watch the horrible "Try Not To Scare Challenge", HD plays a funny game of Rap Libs and they discuss the relevance of independent publishing.

I facilitate functional and creative workshops for small to large groups. Some of my topics include:

  • Writing, Art, and Creativity
  • Social Media
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Success Planning

I started skill-building in academia, and helping students of all levels is still a priority of mine. I offer writing and editing services for students and artists, with particular specialization in personal statements and creative fiction. I can create and edit resumes and cover letters too. I've tutored students of all ages for over seven years now, and offer that as a consultative service as well. I'm most competent in the disciplines of:

  • English & Literature
  • History (American, African, World Civ)
  • Non-Quant Business (marketing, strategy, management, OB)
  • Sociology

Maybe you need a writer for your illustrations. Or an epigraph for your book. A poem for your collection. A feature writer for your blog. I love creating with other artists and I take those partnerships very seriously. I'd love to see what we can come up with together. I'm down to collaborate 1-on-1 or to participate in group projects or think-tanks.