Feature on Friday: Afrika Hamilton

So, I've always wanted my space to be our space. I'd love to use the SD and "Speaking of Rivers" as a place to showcase minority and women writers, both acclaimed and up-and-coming. For the first-ever FoF, we have a poem by a friend of mine, spoken-word artist, Afrika Hamilton. Catch her on Twitter at @hamiltonafrika

"Silent Night"

Whispers creeped through the floor board in our room.

It was cold enough to cuddle that night.

But you constantly complained about sweating.

The drips from your forehead never bothered me.

I gently wiped away your sweat with a soft smile,

Reassuring you, I loved even the smallest imperfections.

Kissing my forehead in return,

As the sun began to lay its head to rest in the sky

I always loved forehead kisses,

And a sun set never looked that beautiful,

The reflection glistened through your eyes

Eyes that looked into my soul

Pierced into my very existence

A vibe so strong

Others did not meet the qualifications to mention

Intimately placing my hands to massage your back,

With no reason, love.

As you turned around,

Your smile still gave my stomach butterflies.

Silence grew an existence in the room

You asked to play music to interrupt the silence we spent together

Music, lyrics, words would not have been enough

Though the silent night,

Our unspoken love prevailed.

My head gently placed upon your chest to rest

I never complained about your unshaved chest; As I giggled internally

Cautious to not break the silence.

I enjoyed the rhythm of your heart beat against my ear

The rhythmicsequence of love in its purest.

I finally gained the courage to break the silence,

To whisper, I Love You for the first time

You stole the words before the air left my lungs.

Seemed as if a whisper turned into an unashamed proclamation of your feelings,

As the silence was no longer there.

I unapologetically spoke the words,

I love you too.

I hated to admit I was a hopeless romantic

But I let go of every fear I believed to be true

I enjoyed the silent nights out of all of the nights I spent with you