Feature on Friday: The ALlure Pt. II by Lauren Adkins

Feature on Friday: The ALlure Pt. II by Lauren Adkins

You see, nobody had ever taken me anywhere let alone opened any door for me. He escorted me up the steps to the plane, having me feel like the queen of England or some shit. Once I finally got in it took everything I had in me not to drop my jaw and act like I had some culture bout myself, like I had been places before.

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#Veganlife: Atlanta - West End (mostly)

I became a vegetarian in late 2015 and transitioned to a completely plant-based diet within a year of my initial switch. I've always been a major foodie, so now I like to share my vegan food experiences with others 1). to let them know that vegan food is delicious and creative, not boring! and 2). because it's always cool to try something different. Here are the places I went this particular weekend in Atlanta.

Cinnaholic - 1230 Caroline St. NE, Suite b110, Atlanta, GA 30307

Vegan Dream Donuts - 576 Lee St SW E, Atlanta, GA 30310

Tassilli's Raw Reality - 1059 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310

Healthful Essence - 875 York Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30310

Viva La Vegan - 1265 Lee St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 (my personal favorite!)