False Awakenings: Music & You

I tried to think about

about what I would miss

about life 

If I died. 


I couldn't find much.

Maybe music. 



always made me feel 

a little 

less alone. 

Like people could sing my pain 

with their lungs

and play my sorrow

with their fingertips. 


Probably music. 


Remember that summer 

we watched clouds 

with our backs 

on the lawn?


They made you take me 


because the 13th floor 

was too high. 


You thought a jet

and its contrail

was a shooting star. 


The truth was


as it often is. 


There are a lot of jets

with contrails

that look like


It's not fair. 

Don't waste a wish. 


As the jet passed overhead

I thought about

about what I would miss

about life, if I died. 


Probably music. 

Definitely music. 


and you.