Torment takes Atlanta!

Recently I traveled back home to Atlanta and spoke to a group of middle school students who are reading Torment: A Novella in their Language Arts class.

It was an amazing experience all-around. The students were bright and enthused about reading. They had excellent questions. One even asked me if the first chapter of the book, “Black, Skinny, and Lanky,” was named after how I look. Gold star for that kid.

I appreciate the teachers and the administrators who push so hard to have these sorts of experiences come to life for students. I cannot say enough about what it means to me, but more importantly, it means more to the students than they even realize right now.

I cannot post all of the pictures, because we have to protect the identities of the school faculty, staff, and students, but hopefully I’ll be able to make a more detailed post soon. Until then, enjoy the pics and short video clip. And if you manage a classroom or know someone who manages a classroom that might benefit from this sort of experience, please contact me.