False Awakenings: Blackberries

Blackberries in the summer

My first crush had me feeling like I was in love

Twilight's first stars started twinkling

Running in circles, catching fireflies just for fun.


I lost my uncle that summer and you were there for me

Long days watching clouds, fingers in my hair

The summer sky was like the biggest thing we'd ever seen

It always seemed if we could dream

it would take us there.


Blackberries on your lips, you were my first kiss

Honeysuckle, sweet thing

you're my peach ring.

Close my eyes, I can still feel the summer breeze

Flower crown, my Queen

The only one I see.


Blackberries, blackberries

Can I get a taste?

You weren't ready, I'm in love

It's nothing to wait.

First time under the first stars twinkling

I wonder when you look up, do you remember me.