#HDreamers: Kindezi School

Justin, Malcolm, and I went to The Kindezi School (Thanks Mr. Agnew for the invite!) to present to the middle school class. They're doing a really dope project where they create a social media campaign to bring awareness and advocacy for a social justice issue. They've chosen unfair labor practices in China related to the production of Christmas toys. I talked to them about best practices for developing a creative campaign, the best social platforms to use to reach particular audiences, and even ran through their shortlist of proposed campaign tags and gave them feedback. I told them #BadSanta was clever, but that they probably didn't want to compete for share of hits with that one, haha.  Follow them on Twitter @At_Kindezi to see how it all came together.

Oh yeah! We gave out shirts to the two students who could answer Black History Trivia. One young lady knew the name of the first black owned newspaper in America. She probably will be able to fit that shirt through college, lol.